Number One with a Bullet

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In The Beginning…

God is what inspired the founding fathers of this nation.  There was no other template to use, except the Bible, to “form a more perfect union”. ~ Tom C., 2019


The American Flag

I am painting a series of American Flags. I show them in C Parker Gallery in Greenwich, CT as well as other locations. About my USA Flag series:The flag of the United State of America is a great reminder of… Continue Reading…

Republican Authors

Our Words Matter

We are divided in America on many different issues. With the election just around the corner, I am reading more and more opinions on social media. In past elections, I have noticed a more professional way of speaking about the… Continue Reading…

Republican Authors

Gun Restrictions Are Not The Answer

Every time I hear of a shooting, I hear of people talking about the gun laws.  Personally, I don’t think guns should even exist, and am completely against guns on all levels.  With that said, gun laws are not our… Continue Reading…

Republican Authors

United We Conquer

We must take action now! We must join together, say no to the evil and say yes to the good. The time is now! Are you willing to take the first step towards peace with me? I believe in the… Continue Reading…

Libertarian Authors

The Impeachment Process

I’ve been studying politics and political history for the past 30 years. My specialty is U.S. Presidents. That said, I hope that the House of Representatives impeaches Trump. Let me tell you what will happen next. 1. The House can… Continue Reading…

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