Thoughtful Threads

For Love of Country (FLOC) celebrates the true unity of the American people. We are people from different backgrounds, different sexes, and different religions who are all patriots. We are against division driven by the media. We believe in Americans! Wear our "Thoughtful Threads" to show love for our people, our constitution, and our flag.

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High quality products are printed and embroidered in the USA.


We will donate 10% to the charity of your choice.

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Customer Feedback

Wow, I've never seen that hat before. Let me see that up close. Nice detail with Hawaii and Alaska!
Fellow Golfer in Florida
With all the divisive, "hate America" messaging we see in the press every day, it's refreshing to come across a company that is unapologetically patriotic and supportive of our President. I love my hat! Durable cotton construction. Great attention to detail (clever flag design under the bill). Let's keep this country great!
Jeff S.