The American Flag

I am painting a series of American Flags. I show them in C Parker Gallery in Greenwich, CT as well as other locations.

About my USA Flag series:
The flag of the United State of America is a great reminder of the progress that the USA stood for in the world when it was founded as a “more perfect union” in 1776. I paint the American flag large and bold with oil paint in thick impasto strokes as a symbol of the strength and courage that gave birth to this peculiar nation unbound by tyranny. These flags are a reminder that united this nation stands. 

This painting is one in a series resonating with hearts across the country. 

Here is a link to my Video painting blog with the image and video:

Poem I wrote:

Youth of the USA
United States of America
by Jodie Maurer

She is awake!
and enriching her youth
with the strengths and virtues of 

by a knowledge and demonstration of the highest form of man,
resulting in a government
“by the people, for the people, and of the people.”

Tyranny has no foothold here.

These children of liberty cannot be lulled by 
the stupefying modes of entertainment and immorality.

Through God
and love for their neighbor 
they dedicate themselves 
to the “unfinished work”
being a standard in and out of season 
for future generations. 

Poem by Jodie Maurer
Quotes from President Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address 11/19/1863

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