For Love of Country

Do you remember President John F. Kennedy…. “Ask not what your country can do for you, but ask… What you can do for your country?

For Love of Country does not have anything to do the being called a Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, or Green Party. Do you think of the common good of all? Do you see the Constitution as a blessing from God, Allah, Yaweh. We are all God’s children and working together we can do anything that is good.

For Love of Country or FLOC desires to energize those who love and respect our country as a country of laws. The greatest document in our country is the Constitution. We look for the day when all people are motivated for the common good and not by selfish desires.

Patriots are those people who enter a Mosque, Temple or Church with thoughts of love and appreciation that God has blessed this country by giving its citizens rights and privileges. Patriots are not discounted for the color of their skin, choice of religion, language they speak, whom they marry, how much money they have or don’t have or if they are male of female.

For Love of Country (FLOC) wants you to slow down and take a look at this country. You don’t hear about the good things from the Main Stream Media, but most people are nice, polite, work hard, love their parents and children and LOVE THEIR COUNTRY. This nation needs more hugs and less electronic media.

Show your support for the silent majority of good people that live in our country.  As our president says… We all bleed the red blood of patriotism.  To also give back to the country, we will donate 10% to an organization of your choice, such as:

Tea Party Patriots

Salvation Army

Veterans of Foreign Wars

National Rifle Association

Red Cross

Candidate of your choice (full name & state)